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13th International Conference on Electrostatics
10-14 April 2011
Bangor University, Wales, UK

Organised by the IOP Electrostatics Group

The 13th International Conference on Electrostatics continues the quadrennial series organised by the Institute of Physics Electrostatics Group. The conference will bring together experts from academia, research laboratories and industry to discuss the many facets that make up the study of electrostatics.

In the preface to the proceedings of the first conference held in 1967, Dr. P. S. H. Henry, Chairman of the Static Electrification Group, wrote “Industry has been forced to study ‘static’ by its nuisance value”. The nuisance and hazards created by static electricity remain an important area of study, but today electrostatics has grown to encompass a broad range of subject areas and has many interdisciplinary associations. Bio-electrostatics, atmospheric electrostatics and environmental electrostatics cover issues that are relevant to our everyday lives and our future. Looking beyond our own world, planetary electrostatics plays an important role in the understanding of Lunar and Martian environments that will be necessary for future exploration. Electrostatics is also important in the development of new materials, processes and micro- and nano-scale engineering. Electrostatics 2011 is the perfect forum to learn about and discuss the latest advances in these and other subjects.

Bangor University is the host venue for Electrostatics 2011. Bangor is an ancient, historic city with unique character and landscape, located on the North Wales coast between the Snowdonia National Park and the isle of Anglesey. With its long tradition of electrostatics research and teaching Bangor University is sure to provide a warm welcome to Electrostatics 2011.

Abstract Submission deadline as been extended to 19 November 2010

Download Second Announcement and Call for Abstracts (PDF, 525 KB)

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